Tom & Liz's Littlehouse Live Chat Code Of Conduct
Updated 5-24-2017
  1. You must use a username in order to participate in chat. Try adding the State or Country abbreviation at the end of your user name (i.e. "username"_KS) to let chatters know where you are from.
    Your email address will not be visible to other chatters and won't be shared for any reason by Littlehouse staff, except between staff members for administration purposes.

  2. Please do not register using multiple user names that are completely different of each other. This will be considered as masquerading and your multiple user names will be removed. If you want to change to a different user name, you must request permission by emailing us.

  3. This is a fully moderated chat and is strictly G rated for the benefit of children and adult members. The owner of this site wants you to feel welcome, however doesn't tolerate behavior that will make other members uncomfortable.

  4. Good natured "pokes" from established friends within the community, are acceptable when appropriate.

  5. Any use of language that is deemed inappropriate, including inappropriate words with characters replacing letters will be removed. Repeat occurrences will warrant further action. Material deemed offensive or suggestive by nature is not permitted.

  6. Any links, or images deemed by Littlehouse Live Cam staff to be offensive by nature, will be promptly removed. Repeat occurrences will warrant further action.

  7. Continuously posting the same word, phrase, icon, etc., in rapid succession is not permitted. This is a safe cool site so lets protect its environment .

  8. Be aware that posting your email address in chat or using your Facebook or Twitter I.D. can be viewed by the general public and non-members of Littlehouse. This could result in unwanted emails or contacts.