Little House Cams

Cam 1 - Logitech HD Pro C910 - (Protected under Eve)

Cam 2 - Logitech HD Pro C910 - (Protected by under Eve)

Cam 3 - Logitech Pro 9000 - (Protected by Cover)

Cam 4 - Logitech HD Pro C910 - (Protected by Cover)

Cam 5 - Logitech Pro 9000 - (Protected by Cover)

Cam 1, 2 & Cam 4 are Logitech HD Pro C910. Cams 3 & 5 are Logitech Pro 9000 Series. All five cams run on their own separated PC's.
We recommend a minimum of a dual core processor and at least 1 GB of ram for the PC to manage the needs
of the video processing. Of course high speed cable Internet is advisable.

Above is how we have our cameras set up to view what you see on our homepage

Our cameras are Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000 series and Logitech HD Pro C910 Series. They have the best lens and resolution we've found.
Although these cams are made for indoor use, we've had success with continued outdoor use as long as they are
protected from direct rain or snow. We've had these cams outside through the entire winter, in sub zero temps
and they continued to work. Here is a link to Logitech's website.
Logitech Cameras

You can find them on sale at your favorite electronic stores and on Ebay.