About The Ads Appearing on The Littlehouse Cams

Hello Everyone!

The advertising that you see on our cams are placed there by YouTube. We do not generate any revenue from these ads.
We use YouTube's free streaming package which allows them to place their ads on our cams.
This is the way they generate revenue to stay in business and offer users like us free streaming.

If you see a non G-Rated ad on our cams, we would ask that you please Contact Us and provide us with a description of the ad
including the advertiser and the product being advertised. If possible please send us a screenshot of what
you are seeing so that we can report it to YouTube.

If you would like to block these ads, there are lots of ad blocking software that you can install like AdBlock Plus.
Most of this type of software uses or recreates your computer's Hosts File. I can show YOU a way to edit your Hosts File
manually without the use of any installed software. If you would like to use this, the instructions are located below

Thank You from The Littlehouse Staff,

Tom & Liz.


Tired of Ads blocking your view of our cams?

Here's a simple and effective way to block them using your Host file.
This instruction works for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, & Windows 10

On your computer, go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\
Right click on the file named "Hosts" and select Properties.
Make sure that Read Only is not selected.
Right click on the file named "Hosts" again and select Open.
In the next window select Notepad as the program you want to open it with.

With the Hosts file open it should look similar this:

Copy and paste this to the end of your Hosts file: objects.tremormedia.com l0.scanscout.com cdna.tremormedia.com cdn.tremormedia.com plusone.google.com meebo.com mmismm.com exelator.com dc.tremormedia.com plusone.google.com videoegg.com adserver.adtechus.com googleads.g.doubleclick.net 2o7.net sync.tidaltv.com media.scanscout.com intellitxt.com invitemedia.com exelator.com atdmt.com adap.tv redir.adap.tv/redir/client/AdPlayer.swf redir.adap.tv chibis.adotube.com adotube.com bs.serving-sys.com bluekai.com redir.adap.tv googleadsense.ya.com www.z-adsense.com adservices.google.com video-stats.video.google.com 4.afs.googleadservices.com feedads.googleadservices.com imageads.googleadservices.com pagead2.googleadservices.com partner.googleadservices.com www.googleadservices.com creativeby2.unicast.com pagead.googleadservices.com pagead2.googleadservices.com www.adotube.com/* pagead.googlesyndication.com pagead2.googlesyndication.com www.adotube.com/* flash.quantserve.com/* cdn1.ustream.tv/*

After you have pasted it to your Hosts file it should look like this:

Now click on File, then Save on your Hosts file. Close and reopen your browser and come back to Littlehouse Cams
and hopefully those annoying ads will be gone. Note that this should also block them on YouTube.